DEWALT DCS575B FlexBolt Circular Saw ‎Review

DEWALT DCS575B FlexBolt Circular Saw ‎Review

DEWALT DCS575B FlexBolt Circular Saw ‎ReviewEvery time saw companies like Makita, Dewalt, Milwaukee and other top branding companies release a new product or make a breakthrough in the saw cutting industry, woodworkers are on the edge of their seats.

A brushless circular saw was first released by Milwaukee, and being one of the best brands, people are looking for its counterpart in Dewalt. The long wait is finally over for saw enthusiasts when Dewalt launched their DCS575B FlexBolt Circular Saw.

This saw was constantly in-demand for their ease of use, and the fact that it is cordless, for its versatility and flexibility. It is known to cut through LVLs (Laminated Veneer Lumber), Parallams (Parallel Strand Lumber), TJI’s (roof framing lumber) and more.

Its brushless motor offers the handler the ease of use (as it weighs less) and making it more efficient to operate.

You can buy a package online which comes with a 20V and 60 V battery pack (as battery is necessary for operating this product), fast charger, FlexBolt Blade and Blade wrench.

DEWALT DCS575B FlexBolt Circular Saw ︳5 Main Features

1. Ergonomics or Ease of Use

Being a 10.1 pound handheld and cordless tool has its advantages. It is one of the lightest cordless powertool in the market today.

Despite being cordless, it offers you the same sound and power output (even more depending on the output setting) as some of the corded powertool.

The trigger’s release is very responsive as it has a blade break. The led lights, while on other powertools looks like a decoration, has a purpose on this model. In the Dewalt DCS575B, led lights are used as guide lights for low light setting (usually garage or indoor work).

2. Easy Depth Setting

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. Having an excellent bevel setting can make or break the review and performance of a powertool. In fact, the Dewalt DCS575B Circular Saw has one of the most flexible and easy to use bevel setting in the saw universe.

It has a bevel capacity that has a range of 57 °. It has stops installed at 22.5° and 45° respectively. Its lock handles (when locked), stays lock, and the blade release is on point.

It has a depth of cut, measured at 2-9/16 inch that enables you to cut material two times faster (and more efficiently).

3. Durable

A customer (and blog review) that struck me the most about this model’s durability is at a construction site. A large lumber fell on top of this equipment and it still survived and worked.

I think, it survived the crushing pressure and weight of the lumber because of its build. The Dewalt DCS575B is built  thick, with aluminum shoe plate (which is more substantial compared to the previous corded models) and side bumpers.

As being cordless afforded it to a large possibility of drops (especially from high places when doing roof works), the company is smart enough to build it light, easy to handle and durable.

4. Battery Power and Performance

Currently, there are three batteries for the DCS575B model released in the market. First is the 20 Volts battery, offering 6 amp hour, the 60 Volts battery, offering 2 amp hour and the 120 Volts battery (amp hour unknown).

Let me walk you through the battery differences. We all know that the higher the voltage, the battery pack runs out quickly, but it also packs a lot of power.

The 60V battery pack can cut an average of 340 2×4 cuts before the battery charge runs out. This offers the handler a lot of flexibility and speed when cutting a large amount of wood.

The 20V on the other hand can be used on small scale project, garage or backyard work. This battery pack is not that suited to heavy works.

5. General Safety Features

The Dewalt DCS575B Circular Saw Tool has one of the greatest safety features in the market.

Despite having a powerful motor that has a cutting speed of 5800 RPM (revolutions per minute), the activation of its break is very quick to stop the blade. This feature is one of the reasons why it is a popular tool for various job sites.

Its led lights (a setting for low light environment) is also a great addition. Despite having bumpers, many people have suffered from work accidents in low light. So aside from being a non-decorative feature, the DCS575B has earned a plus point for this genius.

Why Should You Buy DCS575B Circular Saw?

Having a lot of circular saw to choose in the market, you may have been hard to convince about this cordless model from Dewalt.

The brand Dewalt is one of the famous and leading producer and innovator of quality saws.  Below are the reasons why you should by the DCS575B.

1. Easy to use.

Despite being cordless, this is a perfectly balanced saw. It is easy to grip, lightweight (about 7.8 pounds without battery pack and 10.1 pounds with the battery pack). It doesn’t put a lot of strain on your back and it’s right sided blade location, provides optimum support during cuts.

2. Powerful motor.

It has a maximum power output of 5800 RPM that can cut through materials with ease and speed. These power output is possible through its various battery packs namely the 20 Volts, 60 Volts and 120 Volts maximum (the new released FlexBolt battery pack).

3. Quick blade and battery changes.

This model lets you have versatility and flexibility. You can make quick and easy FlexBolt blade changes as well as transition your different battery packs to suit your corresponding output need.

4. Durable.

Who doesn’t want to have a durable equipment? This Dewalt model is so durable that a huge LVL lumber cannot put it out. It is because of its thick build, aluminum shoe plate and rigid structure.

5. Affordable.

Despite coming from one of the top saw brands in the world, a package inclusive of a fast charger, battery pack (both 20V and 60V), FlexBolt Blade and blade wrench, the product costs  an approximate $399 on the market (costs may vary depending on where you buy your product).

The cost of additional blades may range from $27 – $149 (depending on the type of blade and the use of the blade).

Product Benefits
  • Clear sight lines
  • Led lights for low light workplace
  • Easy to grip
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use bevel and cut settings
  • Durable
  • A maximum cutting speed of 5800 RPM
  • Quick blade break response
  • Great balance
  • Easy to read bevel measures
  • Brushless motor can increase product efficiency
The Negative Things
  • It doesn’t advertise that it is a right handed saw
  • It doesn’t have a rafter hook

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: Does it come with a battery pack?

A:  Depending on the package that you bought (all-in or not), it may or may not come with a battery pack. If you bought an all in package, then it definitely comes with a battery pack (just check your inclusions).

Q:Does it Dewalt have a left handed model?

A: Yes they plan to, but it has not been released in the market as of yet.

Q: Why does this model have the right side blade?

A: It has a right side blade for optimum support during cuts when your right handed.

Q:Can you use other 20 Volt battery brands like 20 Volt Max?

A: No. Only 20 Volt FlexBolt batteries can be used in this model however, you can use 20 Volt FlexBolt batteries on the 20Volt Max input.

Q: Can this saw cut metal?

A: The blade that comes with the model is not appropriate for metal cutting. Using an appropriate blade, yes it can. However it is not advisable as metal cutters tends to have a lower RPM.

Final Verdict

The Dewalt DCS575B FlexBolt Circular Saw is a powerful tool used by the right hands. Though this tool is mostly recommended for framing works, it can be used as an all around tool.

As it is cordless, it offers a new meaning to the phrase ease of use. It is light and can be handled easily. It is durable and is designed to endure a lot of wear and tear. This tool is design for right handed persons though as its right side blade offers maximum support while doing cuts.

If you want a flexible tool that you can take anywhere without a lot of hassle and can withstand rigorous work, then this tool is the perfect saw for you.


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