Genesis GCS545C Circular Saw Review

Genesis GCS545C Circular Saw Review

Genesis GCS545C Circular Saw ReviewDue to the advancement of technology, many multi-functional tools are invented today. They are created in order to give us less stress, ease of movement as well as aesthetical flexibility.

One of them is this multi-functional saw that can cut through a variety of materials such as metals, woods, plastics, fiber glasses, cement blocks, slates, bricks and even copper and aluminum (using their High Speed Steel blade).

The Genesis GCS545C Circular saw, has a blade tipped with Tungsten-Carbide (second hardest substance on earth, diamond being the first), that can cut almost anything it can get its teeth on.

With a 5.8 amp motor, a blade diameter of 4 ½ inches, acclaimed ergonomic design, vacuum attachment and rip guide, this is one of the easiest saw to handle and lightest (only weighing 6 pounds) circular saw in the market today. The design for this saw is not only for professional cutters, but for beginners as well.

Genesis GCS545C Circular Saw ︳5 Major Features

1. Versatile Blades

The Genesis GCS545C Circular Saw has two types of blades. The TCT blades (Tungsten Carbide Tipped) and  HSS blades  (high-speed steel). The tungsten carbide tipped blades are used for various materials and can cut all materials at a faster rate.

If you want  to cut copper or aluminum, just switch your blades to their HSS blades as they will give you a smooth finish on your metalworks.

With the versatility of its blade, the Genesis Circular Saw is not limited to the woodworkers alone. It can be used for various metal crafts or mixed media art forms.

In fact, this model is famous among metal workers. Creating beds (with metal frames), porch work and more can be made easy and effortless using this model.

2. Powerful Amp Motor

The Genesis has 5.8 Amp motor power which proves to be beneficial as it can speedily cut 2x the amount of materials. This is made possible because of the high amount of torque produced by its triple gear box (and 5.8 amp motor).

The motor produces a 3000 RPM (revolution per minute) speed that makes you go through materials in a faster pace compared to other circular saw. As we all know, fast cutting speed can save us time (and cost if you are paying for the work to be done).

Having a powerful engine combined with the blade and excellent gearbox, makes this model, a dream to work with.

3. Comfortable and Durable

The Genesis 1 ½-inch Circular Saw claims to have the ergonomic design. It very light and has a weight of 6 pounds, which makes it very easy to carry around.

As one of the maneuverable corded and hand held power tool in the market, no strain is put on  the handler of this model.

An added comfort for the user, is the flexibility in adjusting the bevel controls. Having a good bevel means that your cut requirements are easily met.

It also features a soft and firm grip, acclaimed by bloggers and reviewers world wide. It has the ability to fit into small spaces and cut materials faster (reducing the work hours).

4. Cleaner Work Area

The Genesis GC545C Circular Saw is fitted with a vacuum adapter as well as a dust port. It is created, so that you will have a safe and clean work area.

As you work on woods and metals, there is an elevated risk of causing an electrical short circuit or fire (as metal and wood are highly combustible materials). So keeping your work area clean, saw dust-free can lessen the threat to your safety.

5. Excellent Safety Features

Many of the customers noticed that when they used other compact circular saws on the market, these saws produced heavy smoke and dangerous sparks. Naturally, customers were alarmed by how unsafe they were to use.

This portable circular saw allows you to have the safe control over the device at all times with the easy grip that is designed to assure you comfort and to reduce cramping and cuts during extended periods of usage when you are working on big projects.

In fact, this is rated as one of the easiest corded saw, to be handled on the market today.

 Why should you use Genesis GCS545C Circular Saw?

1. Cutting Edge

With its dual blade (Tungsten-Carbide Tipped blades and HSS Blades), it will give you a degree of flexibility as it is a versatile (and multi-functional) circular saw.

2. High Performance Rating

Despite being an upstart in the saw market, it became one of the highest rating circular saw. With great reviews regarding its motor power, speed of cut and multi-cutting blades, it definitely earned its reputation as one of the best saw the market ever saw.

3. Affordability

The Genesis GC545C Circular Saw is one of the cheapest (circular) saw in the market today. The value being under $60, you can get multiple (and satisfactorily delivered) functions at a bargain. Its durability is also a plus, making it one of the most cost effective saw today.

4. Lightweight

This is a product puts the “ease” in the phrase, ease of use. Weighing only 6 pounds, it will not put a strain in your back. A truly great hand held power tool.

5. Clean Workspace

Its dust collection adapter keeps work area clean and safe from threats of fire or short circuit. Besides, who doesn’t want a clean workspace? Not only does it save time, it is also appealing to work in a clean work area.

Product Benefits
  • It is easy to handle
  • It fits into compact spaces.
  • It has a powerful motor.
  • It performs a task in less time.
  • It is durable.
  • Triple gear reduction allows higher torque
  • The cutting area remains clean.
  • RIP guide is included in long cuts
  • Has precision cut steel gears
  • Has an excellent cutline visibility
The Negative Things
  • Some complaints are raised with the plunge ability
  • Might stop after a few years.
  • Produces excess noise.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q:Will the Genesis GCS545C circular saw cut laminate flooring?

A:Yes it can. You have to use the appropriate blade for the task.

 Q:Can I cut Trex with the GCS545C wood blade?

A: Almost any power saw blade that is recommended for lumber will also cut composite wood. The GCS 545C Has numerous blade options. I would suggest a medium tooth blade as too fine a blade will bog down and too coarse a blade could leave rough cuts.

Q:What is the minimum depth? We only need to partially cut through a piece of wood.

A: It’s adjustable from 0. Loosen the screw on the back of guide and lower it until the blade sticks out to the desired depth.

 Q:Can I set the depth of cut?

A:Yes. both depth and angle of cut can be set.

 Q:What is maximum depth at 45-degree cut?

A:Approximately 1-1/8 inch.

Final Verdict

For multiple function at a great value, I suggest getting the Genesis GC545C Circular Saw. Though it is recommended for metal works, its wood cutting capability (though less highlighted) are also superb.

This is the saw that you want if you are on a crunch time (needs to finish work early or meeting a deadline).

This review is a guide for you to know the various functions, specifications, capabilities and overall performance of the Genesis GC545C Circular Saw. Though this brand is not that known in the market, it’s slowly making its mark as one of the major contenders.


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