How to Change Circular Saw Blade – Simple Steps

How to Change Circular Saw Blade

How to Change Circular Saw BladeThe ultimate prospect you’d want to find out in a newly purchased circular saw is the conveniences that users tend to enjoy while changing the blade, right?

Of course, the determining factor of every circular saw lies on this feature. With this, you can tell whether you can use it for a large number of cuttings or not.

Although circular saws are majorly electrically powered, yet they come in various designs. Therefore, how then would one decipher the ‘comfortable change of blade’ prospect in every product?

Well, it might interest you to know that some uses quick-release mechanism in changing their blades while some use arbor nut.

In other words, circular saws are designed for different kinds of users. So, it’s essential for a buyer to have a full knowledge of what the unit is best used for, industrial or home developer.

However, the difference between them is the cost. Those that are found to consist of an arbor nut are technically cheaper than the former. Most times, the cost difference may likely not be the issue but the power of the tool and probably the one that a nominal user is familiar with.

Nevertheless, whether you use either of the two, you can still discreetly utilize the pieces of information that we’ll be providing on this platform. This article will help you to learn how to change circular saw blades with ease.

8 Things to Consider about How to Change Circular Saw Blade:

Read the Instructions:

The first thing you’re to do as a new user is to find out what kind of circular saw you’re using, is it battery powered or corded?

Also, find out what kind of blade it uses and the construction of the unit itself. Get to know if it consists of quick-release or arbor nut.

In addition, you can also find out what shape the arbor nut is and how you can tighten or lose it. However, you can only find all these out by reading the manual that comes alongside with the delivery of the unit that you’ve purchased.

Although some products don’t illustrate basic steps on how to change blades, they do identify the kind of design that the unit comprises of.

Personal Preparation

  • Ensure that you put on your hand gloves, shoes, safety glasses, and an industrial jacket.
  • Provided the arbor nut of your saw is hex in shape, then you’d have to make a hex wrench available.
  • Before operating the unit, you should have been able to know and understand what each of the components stands for.
  • Know the type of drive that the unit is made up of, worm-drive or direct-drive.
  • Please ensure that you make use of the right blade for the right material. And, you can do well by making available extras in case of any necessity.
  • Make sure that the choice of the unit that you’re making is palatable with the choice of the blade that you’re using for it. However, we’ll advise you to make enquiry from the manufacturer or intermediary seller before choosing a blade.

1st Step

Be observant each time you’re using the saw blade. Always notice the sound and the performance of the blade to know when there is a deterioration.

Provided the motor unnecessarily bogs down, then you must find out whether the blade is right for the material or not.

However, if you persist, you might lose the blade entirely. On the other hand, if you’re already working and you find out that the machine has begun to make dull sounds, then it’s time you CHANGE THE BLADE. At this juncture, you’d have to stop working and consider the next point.

2nd Step

  • Shut down the unit immediately this omen is observed. Turn off the power on the unit and remove the power cord from the power outlet.
  • Duff the dust off the guide rails, blade and other parts of the unit.
  • In fact, you can even wait for the unit to become cool before proceeding.
  • Tighten up the blade again to find out whether it became loosed while you were cutting.
  • Once you’ve done that, you can re-switch the power and find out whether the problem is rectified. If not, then you can permanently aim at changing the blade.

3rd Step

At this point, utilize the technique that’s being provided by the user on the manual. However, if yours seem not to have arbor nut then you can make further enquiry from the manufacturer.

Furthermore, provided yours has arbor nut, especially the hexagonal shape, you can use your hex wrench to drive the nut until the blade is loosened up.

Before you do this, find the blade guide and detach it from the blade. Also, please note that for direct-drive saws, you will have to drive the wrench anti-clockwise, while you will have to drive the wrench in a clockwise direction for worm-drive.

Of course, you sincerely don’t have to be obsessed with this. The principal thing to do is to ensure that you turn the wrench in the direction that the blade turns. But make sure that you press down the blade against the unit while you’re driving the nut.

Notwithstanding, if there’s a button on the casing for locking the nut, please ensure that you push it in before unscrewing the nut. Then remove the blade when you’re down and move over to the next category.

4th Step

Now that you’ve removed the blade and ready to insert another, here are the few tips to imbibe:

  • Provided you find a small collar popping out while you’re removing the blade, never remove it with the blade.
  • Slot the new blade on the arbor nut and re-insert the small vibrating collar to its initial position.
  • Tighten up the nut or screw of the unit with your hand first before using a hex wrench. However, don’t over-tighten the screw or arbor nut.
  • Immediately you’re done, don’t forget to snap the blade guide on the blade.

5th Step

After you had finished all these, switch on the unit by inserting the cord back into the power outlet and changing the station of the power knobs.

Afterwards, start using it as you should. But, never forget to use the right blade for the right task. Eventually, if the dull functionality persists, then you’d have to see a technician.

Repeat the Process

In case such same occurrences happen again, you can utilize this process again and again in attaining your optimum goal. Although it might be difficult at first, it’s going to be easy as time goes on.

Final Verdict

This is an article that has enumerated how to change circular saw blade irrespective of the user’s technical know-how. It highlighted the systematic methods that users could imbibe in changing and managing their blades.

The writer ensured that the points stated touched every sphere of all kind of circular saw blade, both the antiques and the modern. It’s an article that you can trust for maximum benefits.


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