Skil 5180-01 Circular Saw Review

Skil 5180-01 Circular Saw Review

Skil 5180-01 Circular Saw ReviewMany of us wanted to save money and time today (as they are the most precious commodity). Often, we are tired of being blindsided by people selling their services. Thanks to youtube videos and DIYs website, we can easily do whatever we want to.

Most of the DIYs feature repairs, basic mechanical tutorials and hacks as well as basic building and woodworking. If you are not planning to be a fulltime woodworker, but wanted to have a safe, efficient, reliable and cheap equipment, then we have the perfect saw for you.

Although Skil is just a new entrant on the saw business, it has built its reputation as the makers of power tools that offers you the power of high end products minus the cost. Thus, the Skil 5180-01 Circular Saw.

Skil 5180-01 Circular Saw Review ︳5 Major Features

1. Powerful 14 amp Motor

Having a powerful motor offers you a smooth operation and cut. The Skil 5180-01 model have that and more.

The motor offers you a speed of 5300 RPM (revolutions per minute) which ensures not only the speed of your cut, but the smoothness of its by product as well.

Its 7.25 inch, 20 tooth carbide blade diminishes the resistance of plywood and other materials that its works with. It will not leave your product any burn marks or splinters.

2. Easy Control System

The Skil 5180-01 circular saw control is very user friendly. It is placed in an accessible place where the handler can conveniently and comfortable change the settings without injuring themselves.

It has an integrated blower system that leaves the line of cut free from any sawdust or foreign material.

Its spindle lock feature together with the on and off wrench  allow handlers to change blades easily.

It is also very light and handy (weighing 7.2 pounds). Through these features, the woodworker (even beginner DIY enthusiasts) is ensured to have a stress free sawing experience.

3. Flexible Bevel Settings

Having a great bevel flexibility not only ensures that you have an accurate and smooth cut. Having a great bevel capacity also offers you the options to do more advance cuts (easily).

The Skil 5180-01 Circular saw has a 51 degree bevel capacity with positive stops at 45 degrees. This bevel capacity is best (but not limited to) cutting miter cuts and angle cuts.

With this bevel capacity plus a 7.25 inch blade as well as combining its 14 amp motor power, the Skil 5180-01 model offers you a depth of cut of 2-⅜ inches.

4. Versatile Function

Have I mentioned before that Skil 5180-01 Circular Saw model is a versatile model? If not, I am definitely mentioning it now. The multiple (personality) feature of the Skil 5180-01 has gathered many followers.

This saw can be used for deck repair and maintenance, miter and angle cuts, framing and simple 2×4 cuts. It has the durability to withstand worksite wear and tear but have the lightness (of 7.2 pounds) that makes the handling stress free.

Aside from its multiple (positive) features, it offers you a price cut that makes it very affordable and accessible.

5. Safe and Durable at a Low Cost

Did I blab about how great is the safety feature of Skil 5180-01 Circular saw? Did you know that it has a guarded trigger top  to ensure that you won’t accidentally press the wrong trigger.

The ergonomic design is to ensure that the user has less fatigue and strain (both in the arms and back) when handling this saw.

The tool’s design is rugged but sturdy. Even though it is not perfectly balanced, it is balanced enough to stay on the right track (once applied the right guide) and can endure the various falls, drops and other jobsite stressant.

All these features (of high end products) can be yours at a low cost.

Why should you use Skil 5180-01 Circular Saw?

If you are not still sold on its product features, we have listed below the reasons why we love the Skil 5180-01 Circular Saw.

1. Low Price.

With high motor power, great ergonomics and safety features as well as being durable, the price of this saw is at a steal. Having the features of (more expensive) high end products is a plus.

2. Powerful motor.

Power does matter. Whatever equipment you have as long as it has a powerful motor, it will give you a lot of flexibility and greater output.

The Skil 5180-01 offers you a 14 amp motor power with a cutting speed of 5300 RPM. This is at par with the more powerful circular saw in the market, yet low enough to be a skillsaw.

3. Lightweight.

For those woodworkers, DIYs or technicians who are a little bit advance on their age, this saw is perfect for you as it doesn’t put a lot of strain in your back and arms with its 7.2 pound weight

4. Durable.

Both the exterior and interior of this (light and bulky) product is made to stand the stress of the regular jobsite.

It has a rugged design to ensure the exterior durability (and the strain of the shipment and use in the workplace) as well as a great interior build and casting.

5. Ease of control.

Everyone wants a hassle free control of product that they handle. This design by Skil 5180-01 model, offers accessibility and safety in one product.

The ergonomics definitely designs the controls to be easily accessible (to the user) yet not accessible enough to offer a job mishap.

Product Benefits
  • It has a guarded trigger stop that reduces the risk of accidental start-up
  • 14 amp motor power
  • Blade locking button automatically locks the blade upon activation
  • The 51 degree bevel cut capacity as well as the positive 45 degree stop
  • It has a spindle lock and on and off wrench for easy blade changes
  • It has an anti-snag lower guard
  • Suitable for low budget projects
  • Lightweight
  • Has a lighted power indicator
  • 5300 RPM blade speed
The Negative Things
  • The base plate is a little uneven and a bit on the thin side
  • Some upper and lower guards have a bit of a problem

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where is the product made?

A: The product is made from China

Q:Does this saw requires oil changes?

A: No it does not as it is an electrical (corded) saw.

Q: Does this model have a cutting depth adjustment?

A: Yes it has. Just look for the bevel settings.

Q: What voltage does this use?

A: It uses 120 voltage.

Q: Can this be used to cut a straight line?

A: There is a notch in a lines guide foot, it is recommended to use this when cutting at a 90 degree angle.

Final Verdict

The Skil 5180-01 Circular saw, is the most recommended saw for woodworkers, technicians, beginners, DIY enthusiasts and those who wanted a budget saw.

Although this company is new to the market, it quickly gained its reputation as the maker of saw that are durable, powerful and flexible.

For those of you who are on a budget, this saw has the features of a high end top shelf drink while having the price of a corona. It means that although its features may be misleading, it is quite affordable and very cost efficient.


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